Grand County Commissioner
Candidate – District 2

Shanna Ganne will bring your voice to the table

Together we will build a future where every resident of Grand County can thrive.


Shanna will lead from the bottom up to create

Solutions for Grand County

Uniting government, business and community to solve our shared problems

Access to Healthcare

Prioritize health care by incentivizing care providers and investing in human services

Affordable Housing

Remove barriers and implement a long-term vision to address out-of-control costs

Economic Development

Support community businesses through incentives and reliable broadband access

Education & Childcare

Improve our schools and open new day care centers to support children and families



Shanna Ganne

"It’s time to add a real community voice to our Board of County Commissioners. I will bring collaborative effort, ethical communication and creative solutions to the issues facing us."


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18 August 2024
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Grand Lake, CO,